James Webb Space Telescope Weekly Schedule Nov 28, 2022 to Dec 05, 2022

November 28, 2022

Last week James Webb Telescope observed several objects including Supernova remnants CASSIOPEIA, asteroids such as 526-JENA, POLYMELE, SILA-NUMAN, 2003WL7, 2000OK67, 2005PU21, 2008FC76, 2002AW197, 824ANASTASIA, DIDYMOS, comet LEMMON, exoplanet systems TRAPPIST-1B, 55CNC, WASP-52, HR8799, HD220657, Jupiter's moon Europa and Galaxies such as NGC-1566, NGC-3227. For more details regarding these observations, check out last week's schedule here. This week, James Webb Telescope is scheduled to observe asteroid 2005TB190, quasars such as J0921P0007, J0923P0402, high red shift galaxy SPT0346-52, exoplanet system WASP-43, Neptune's moon Triton among various other objects. Following are the major objects that James Webb Space Telescope will study this week (Nov 28 to Dec 05, 2022) as per the schedule published here. File Link