James Webb Space Telescope Weekly Schedule Mar 20, 2023 to Mar 27, 2023

March 21, 2023

The James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's highly anticipated successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, is set to observe a range of fascinating celestial objects this week. These objects include asteroids, comets, stars, and galaxies, all of which offer unique insights into the mysteries of our universe.

This week, James Webb Telescope is scheduled to observe the following objects - 2005CC79, WD1620-391, 2013XZ8, 2MASS-17495463-3150117, CLOUDEF-REFERENCE, WASP-17, 81P, 81P-BACKGROUND, PSYCHE, PSYCHE-OFFSET, HH-111-IRS, BACKGROUND+CLEAN, BORG-0859+4114, 1999-XZ93, P4-GO-2674-FINAL-CAT, EURYBATES, HD163466, HD163466-BKG, 2MASS-18321907+5807534, HD-138813, RM332, RM387, RM401, MARS, CED110IRS4-MIRI, HH48B-MIRI, HH48B-SKY-MIRI, ARP220-INT-MIRI, ARP220-BACKGROUND-MIRI, RM052, RM470, VV340A, VV340A-BG, NGC-4258-MIRI, NGC-4258-MIRI-BG, -RHO01-CNC, 2MASS-14042301+5449011, MSA-FINAL-CAT-MSATA, GOODSN2001, GOODSN2002, GOODSN2004, EGSZ8P7-BUBBLE, M-106, 2MASS-12114924+5856270, GOODSN2005, GOODSN2006, GOODSN2007, GOODSN2008, GOODSN2000 as per the schedule published here