James Webb Space Telescope Weekly Schedule Jan 16, 2023 to Jan 23, 2023

January 17, 2023

Last week James Webb Telescope observed several objects including URANUS, 23170-GS-2.97-S, 18660-GS-3.07-S, L1448IRS1, PER-EMB-22, WHL0137-08, DIGELC1-A, DIGELC1-B, NDROMEDA-III, MESSIER-101, 2005QU182, NGC-3627, 2MASS-11442687+1433413, M-82,   WASP-107. For more details regarding these observations, check out last week's schedule here. This week, James Webb Telescope is scheduled to observe UDS-1, GD153, GJ-436, J1120+0641, THEREUS, NGC-4321, 2MASS-12233527+1922184, MESSIER-101, M-82, ANDROMEDA-XVII, ANDROMEDA-I, 2015SO20, 2003UR292, UHSJ0439+1634, PSFSTARUHSJ0439, 2003UZ117, 2010VW11, NIRCAM-CENTER, J1211-0118, A1689-ZD1, UCD-736, 1-CERES-BACKGROUND, APTCATS67V5, NGC-1433, J050305.68-564834.0-COPY, 2MASS-12194708-1234012, WASP-107, 2021AEFX, 2MASS-J04202144+2813491, HH-30-NIRCAM, HH-30-MIRI, 2002UX25, 1999TC36, 2004UX10, MORS-SOMNUS, NGC628-NIRCAM, BD+60-1753 as per the schedule published here. File Link