James Webb Space Telescope Weekly Schedule Mar 06, 2023 to Mar 12, 2023

March 07, 2023

This week, James Webb Telescope is scheduled to observe the following objects - V-GM-AUR, HD-31648, V-RW-AUR, IRAS-04385, 2MASS-04450154+1817384, NGC2506CAT20228417E, 15090619-4242069-DR3UPDATE, WISEJ1501-40, J1537-3010, GRB-120327A, GRB120327A-TA, SR-12-C, 2MASS-J16313124-2426281, OPH-CORE, PSJ1606-2333, GSC6214-210-B, CD-40-8434, SDSSJ1624+00, TOI-836, 836-TA-REF, 2MASS-14042301+5449011, P2017, P2018, P2019, P2020, RM275, RM312, RM332, RM387, RM401, RM470, RM549, RM734, P177D, RM052, BD+60-1753, 2MASSJ17244630+6025483-copy, HD163466, HD163466-BKG, HD-147888, GJ-341, 2MASS-07352172-6514296, HR-2562-BKGRD, HR-2562, REF-HR-2562--HD-49518, REF-HR-2562--BCKGR, PDS456-NIRSPEC, NGTS-10, SDSSJ1652-MIRI, SDSSJ1652-BG, HAUMEA, HAUMEA-BACKGROUND, PAR335+13-251, 2MASS-15585297+2239240, WASP-17 as per the schedule published here

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